Raizor Power Miter Device by Raimondi

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Raizor Power Miter Device performs 45 degree cuts with fast and precise mitering. No rail required. Use with 4.5" cutting blade with no length limit. The two handles to allow the necessary pressure with knob calibration for adjustment and anti-scratch plastic slides. Can be used for dry or wet cutting. Use proper GFCI protection around water.

  • High quality finish. Fast and precise mitering.
  • Maximum tile thickness ⅝" (16mm) All 600 to 1100W angle grinders.
  • Grinder with ⅝" (16mm) arbor attachment.
  • Use with 4.5" blade.
  • No rail required.
  • Use edge of tile as a guide.
  • 45° No length limit.
  • Two handle to allow necessary pressure.
  • Adjust miter with knobs calibration.
  • Anti-scratch plastic slides ensure optimal smoothness.
  • Depth can be adjusted by a simple turn of a knob.
  • Dry or wet use.
  • Use proper GFCI protection around water.

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