Rolling Hand Groover by Crain

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The Crain Rolling Hand Groover is a precision tool equipped with guide wheels that smoothly follow the seam, enabling you to create straight, curved, or circular grooves for heat welding. It commences the groove at the seam's midpoint using the front blade and then seamlessly navigates close to the wall with the rear blade. For crafting curves and circles, you can easily attach a foot plate, allowing the back end to slide without requiring any disassembly of the rear wheel.

This hand groover boasts adjustable blade depth, granting you control over your cuts. Waste materials exit conveniently beneath the handle, which can be pivoted open for effortless cleaning. All necessary adjustments can be executed using the provided 1/8" hex key, which is conveniently stored on the tool. The Crain Rolling Hand Groover accommodates standard blades and is bundled with two No. 674 4mm blades. Additionally, it comes with a protective bag for safe storage and transport.