Supreme TURBO Heat Welding Kit

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One of the best values when it comes to getting started with Turbo Heat Welding Tools. The Supreme Turbo Kit comes with a Turbo Groover.

  • #2 TURBO Round Tip 4/5mm (Standard Size)
  • #5-ST TURBO Roller Guide for Leister Triac ST and AT
  • #7 TURBO Groover with one #9-4 U blade 4mm (standard size)
  • #8 TURBO Plane with two blades
  • #9 Rubber Hand Groover with one # 9-4 U blade 4mm (standard size)
  • #9-1 TURBO Cove Groover with one #9-5 U blade 5mm
  • #10 TURBO Wire Brush Handle with one brush
  • #11 Tuff Wire Brush
  • #12 Stainless Steel Trim Plate
  • #13-ST Leister Triac ST Welding gun (120 Volt-1600 Watts)
  • #14 Quarter Moon Flat Knife
  • #15XS Coving Trimming Handle with four blades
  • #22-3 UTN Universal Turbo Nozzle
  • #22-4 Turbo Detail Nozzle 4/5 mm Round (Standard Size)
  • #26 TURBO Splicer
  • Tool Box

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