Turbo Adapter L Pencil Tip (HOT JET S only)

Turbo SKU: 3-L


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The Innovative L Welding Pencil Tip: Transforming Flash Cove and Doorway Welding. The revolutionary L pencil tip replacement is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with our Turbo Detail Nozzles. With its distinctive L shape, this cutting-edge pencil tip empowers installers to effortlessly weld flash cove and toe kicks. The brilliance of the L welding pencil tip lies in its wrist-turning technique, eliminating the need to manipulate a bulky welding gun that could impede your line of sight. This groundbreaking welding system facilitates precision welding beneath cabinets and suspended boards positioned approximately 5 inches above the ground. Designed to only fit our turbo L system detail nozzles.