Crain 870 Metal Mitre Tool .156 Punch

Crain SKU: 870


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Crain 870 Metal Mitre Tool .156 Punch Die Set specialty designed for Vinyl T Molding Only has a .156" thick punch for use on vinyl T-moldings only. The punch quickly cuts out a relief notch from the insert of the T-molding with a 1/4" wide bottom and 45° side angles. After the relief notch is removed using this tool, the T-molding easily forms a tight radius that bends up to 90°, such as at the outside corners of a tabletop. The No. 870 is sold as a combo handle and die set only. The die set for the No. 870 is not sold separately. However, the handle from the No. 870 is interchangeable with the following die sets: Nos. 846, 848, 850 (sold separately). Replacement punch: Part No. 1870-A. Net weight: 2.1 lbs.