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The multifunction device simplifies and speeds up the use of the RLS VITE leveling system during its installations & removal process. Equipped with a 5/16 in. the hexagonal shaft is suitable with the most popular cordless drills available on the market.

It performs 4 functions:

1.Screw: it allows fast tightening of the cap onto leveling clip until it sits onto tile/slab, a consistent tightening torque can be set via the clutch adjustment onto cordless drill to achieve a perfect leveling.

2. Unscrew: it allows you to quickly and comfortably unscrew the cap by reversing the rotation of the cordless drill.

3. Remove: it allows an innovative clip removal. Simply setting the tightening torque to the max level to properly break the clips with accuracy.

4. Pull apart: when the leveling job is finished, it allows to quickly removing the cap from the upper/broken section of the clips.

It can be used to twist the individual cap as well as the cap equipped with the new anti-scratch washer. It can be used both on the floor and on the wall. Drill not included.


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