Raimondi VITE Washer Bag of 100 Self Stopping Scratch-Preventing



The washer for RLS VITE had been developed to prevent scratch tiles characterized by a particularly delicate top finishing. In addition to that, it also prevents the tiles to eventually move when tightening the RLS VITE Cap. The washer is designed to be connected to the RLS VITE Cap for the maximum ease of use. It features an exclusive soft rubber ring that once it gets in contact with the tiles prevents the washer to rotate when tightening the cap. The rubber ring, on the one hand, avoids any risk of scratching the tiles, on the other allows to tighten the cap without having to hold the washer with your hand. The use of the washer does not affect the thickness of the joint which therefore remains as determined by the clip (joint 1 mm – 1/32”). The use of the washer does not affect the clips performances in terms of maximum and minimum thickness of the tiles to be leveled which therefore remain from 3 to 15 mm (1/8” – 5/8”) for the standard clip and 14-26 mm (17/32”-1 1/32”) for the tall clips. The washer can be removed from the cap if its use is not needed. It is recommended to perform the final removal phase with a hammer.