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Leister Minifloor Automatic Welder

Vendor: Leister
SKU: 154.335

With the Leister MINIFLOOR automatic welder, the field-of-use of the TRIAC can be expanded to countless applications. The MINIFLOOR drive unit comes with a quick-lock fastening system at the clamp at which the TRIAC is secured. This turns your hot-air hand tool into an automatic welder in a matter of seconds. leister MINIFLOOR clearly increases the weld quality, facilitates work and reduces the time necessary to complete your project. Its use is worthwhile from weld lengths of 1.20 m / 4 ft., and thanks to its lightweight (5.3 kg/12 lbs.) design, the MINIFLOOR can effortlessly be transported. The Leister MINIFLOOR automatic welder seamlessly welds directly from the wall, beneath obstacles with a minimum clearance of 295 mm / 12 inches, and at nearly twice the speed of manual welding. The asymmetrical design allows for continuous welding around construction pipes and L-skirts. The guide can be quickly positioned into the groove whereas the guide roller runs precisely along the joint line even if the preparation of the groove is imperfect.

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