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Shop Ishii Tile Cutter for online purchase.

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Ishii tile cutters are the best tile cutter for cutting hard porcelain tile. Recommend by professional tile installer. The unique spring loaded bed that sits on top of the base allows for hard porcelain tile to break clean from end to end without tailing. All Ishii Tile Cutters come with Titanium Cutting Wheels.

19" Ishii Tile Cutter cuts 19" x 19" tile straight and 13" x 13" on diagonal.

22" Ishii Tile Cutter cuts 22" x 22" tile straight and 16" x 16" on diagonal.

26" Ishii Tile Cutter cuts 26" x 26" tile straight and 18" x 18" on diagonal.

28" Ishii Tile Cutter cuts 28" x 28" tile straight and 20" x 20" on diagonal.

34" Ishii Turbo Tile Cutter cuts 34" x 34" tile straight and 24" x 24" on diagonal.

41" Ishii Turbo Tile Cutter cuts 41" x 41" tile straight and 29" x 29" on diagonal.

48" Ishii Turbo Tile Cutter cuts 48" x 48" tile straight and 34" x 34" on diagonal.

34", 41" and 48" Ishii Turbo Tile Cutters are used for commercial plank tile.

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